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    Unanswered: Forms Navigation problem (forms 4.5)

    I have a form where the user enters data in various txtboxes. However, if the user accidentily presses an arrow key in one of these txtboxes, it moves them to a new blank record, as opposed to the next txtbox. Is there some sort of property on the block or item that needs to be turned off?

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    One way to fix it is to create the KEY-DOWN trigger (it moves the focus to the next record); it should contain only one line of code: NULL; (i.e. don't do anything).

    This would, though, prevent user from going up and down ALWAYS (which is not good as well), so you may decide to allow going up and down only if user is on the first or last item in a record. Otherwise, do nothing. Something like this: assume that 'LOC' is the last item in the 'DEPT' block:
    if :system.cursor_item = 'DEPT.LOC' then
       message('Disabled: you are not on the last item');
    end if;
    Default navigation in a block can be set only for the first or the last item in a record, and this navigation may be one of the following: same record, change record, change data block. See if any of this may be helpful to you.

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    Thanks Littlefoot, I'll give that a try...

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