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    Unanswered: corrupt database

    As I am writing to the community for help, I am trying to stay very claim.

    I am developing a database and I guess I have opened and closed one too many times. Access throw a tantrum at me.

    I said to save the database first and then use the database utility to repair it. First, it does not let me save any forms. The form will open be it doesn't let me save it.

    I then try to open the tables, it frozen at the corrup error messages.

    I see that I have two files in the folder. One is ChangeOfControlForm.mdb and one is ChangeOfControlForm.ldb ( I think it is created by access, the .ldb file, I mean)

    I reboot the machine but it didn't help. Thanks
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Is anyone else in the database? (is it on a network?)

    Do you get a message to the effect that it is read-only at any time?

    Is there enough space on the drive? (Access needs approx 2 times the size of the current *.mdb to compact and repair.) How big is this *.mdb?

    Try holding the shift key down and opening the mdb. Once it's opened, close it. Then check and see if there is an *.ldb file in the folder.

    In Tools -> Startup, Select None for the Display Form/Page so no forms startup (if there are any). Temporarily rename the Autoexec macro to AutoexecBAK if there is one. Open the form (holding down the shift key). Run Tools -> Database Utilities -> Compact and Repair. Close and check for an *.ldb file (if there is one, again, make sure NO ONE is in it.) If there is none, immediately make a copy of the database so you have a backup!! Then rename the AutoexecBAK macro to Autoexec or put the Startup form back in.

    An *.ldb file present in the folder means either someone is in the *.mdb or the *.ldb is corrupt and could not be deleted when all user's close out of the *.mdb

    Remember - backups are your friends (and it only takes a few seconds to copy/paste an mdb file.)

    Worst comes to worst, you can create a new *.mdb file and import the tables/forms/queries/reports/modules/macros from this one into your new one.
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    Thank you for the advise.

    I am the only user on the application. Nothing that I do help. I restored the database from last Sunday night copy. Only lost the Monday work which is not too much.

    Thank you.

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