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    Red face Unanswered: Crystal XI with Oracle


    We are having all sorts of problems with an Oracle database connecting from Crystal Reports XI.
    if we connect through the Instant Client supplied ODBC driver, half the tables are not visible, some are under different users, and most of the views are not available for use.
    When we connect with the Oracle native connection that comes with Crystal, we can see the tables under the correct users and the views are available.

    The Problem is Crystal Reports is bringing back 0 records from the view, which when we run the exact same SQL in TSQL+ works fine and returns many records!

    Versions: Oracle Instant Client
    Oracle DB:

    I am installing the new Oracle Instant Client on a test server to see if that will fix the problem, but i doubt it.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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    Any resolution to this?

    I'm having a similar problem, except do not have the Oracle Native driver!

    I have oracle client installed and CR XI R2 Developer.

    I DO have Oracle Server driver on another machine with CR XI R2 Standard and Business Object Enterprise plus Integration Kit for SAP.


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    work around


    Yes, we switched a couple of things:
    1. installed the later version of the instant client
    2. changed to using an OLEDB connection rather than odbc

    everything works fine with that setup.


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