Hi all ,
We have a c++ server running on Aix 5.2 which uses db2 v8.1.1.8 with Fixpack
We are seeing a intermittent jumps in the memory using the "ps gv" command. The memory delta was in the range of 4k, 8k and 12k . Most of the Memory leak tools like Memory validator ( code on windows ), purify etc detected no leaks in the appilcation.

Then we started looking at the third party libraries used in the system for AIX . The DB2MEMDISCLAIM seemed to be an interesting candidate. we tried setting the DB2MEMDISCLAIM to yes and DB2MEMMAXFREE to null. The intermittent jumps have stopped for now after the change .

What i understand is that the DB2MEMDISCLAIM settings would control the db2agents behavior and not of the appication which is connecting to the db2 as such. Can somebody please explain me if i am missing anything here.

Please let me know if any moreinformation is required.