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    Unanswered: dsofile.dll capabilities on a 64-bit machine


    I have a simple function designed to change the author and title summary information of an office file. It uses dsofile.dll. Unfortunately, after upgrading to a 64-bit machine, the function no longer works. Is there any way to programatically change the author and title summary information in VBA from a 64-bit machine?

    Here's the function that I use now on 32-bit machines:

    Public Function ChangeAuthorAndTitle( _
          st_File As String, st_Author As String, st_Title As String)
       ' requires dsofile.dll as a reference
       ' st_File must exist or this function will raise an error
       Dim DSO As DSOleFile.PropertyReader
       Set DSO = New DSOleFile.PropertyReader
       DSO.GetDocumentProperties(st_File).Author = st_Author
       DSO.GetDocumentProperties(st_File).Title = st_Title
    End Function

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    One of the big problems for win32 units on 64bit machines. the only thing I can think of off hand would be to recompile the DLL with a 64bit compiler. I believe you can get the source for this DsoFile.DLL. I thought I see it somewhere.

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