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    Unanswered: Help with create view

    I am creating a view for the table:
    bellus=# select * from host_application_definition;
    id | type_value | connection_value | group_value | application_value | host

    From the table meta_host_types;

    id | value | types | name
    1 | agm | host-type | Rencid

    I would like to seperate value into type_value and connection_value, because it holds both values.

    Any tip?

    bellus=# \d host_application_definition;
    Table "public.host_application_definition"
    Column | Type | Modifiers
    id | integer | not null default nextval('host_application_definition_id_seq'::regc lass)
    type_value | integer |
    connection_value | integer |
    group_value | integer |
    application_value | integer |
    host | integer |
    "host_application_definition_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (id)
    Foreign-key constraints:
    "host_application_definition_application_value_fke y" FOREIGN KEY (application_value) REFERENCES appsmarteye(id)
    "host_application_definition_connection_value_fkey " FOREIGN KEY (connection_value) REFERENCES meta_host_types(id)
    "host_application_definition_group_value_fkey" FOREIGN KEY (group_value) REFERENCES meta_host_grouptypes(id)
    "host_application_definition_host_fkey" FOREIGN KEY (host) REFERENCES master_hosts(id)
    "host_application_definition_type_value_fkey" FOREIGN KEY (type_value) REFERENCES meta_host_types(id)

    \d meta_host_types;
    Table "public.meta_host_types"
    Column | Type | Modifiers
    id | integer | not null default nextval('meta_types_application_id_seq'::regclass)
    application | integer |
    value | text |
    comments | text |
    types | text |
    "meta_types_application_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (id)
    "meta_host_types_id_key" UNIQUE, btree (id)
    "meta_host_types_value_key" UNIQUE, btree (value, application)
    "meta_host_types_value_key1" UNIQUE, btree (value)
    Foreign-key constraints:
    "meta_types_application_application_fkey" FOREIGN KEY (application) REFERENCES appsmarteye(id)

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    because it holds both values
    how does it hold both values???

    How is it broken into multiple values?

    (BTW. In order to properly normalize the table, a field should only hold one meaning, not two or more... So, to "fix" the database, you should split the field into two, and concatenate when needed)
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