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    Unanswered: trigger referencing new table

    I want to use a statement-level trigger for "after insert". There should be a table of tuples that is inserted, which is the "new table" according to SQL standard. How could I reference it in Oracle? I know there are functions to reference the new rows in row-level trigger, but not for statement-level trigger. I have looked for many documents and articles but none of them mention this. Does Oracle have this function? Thank You.

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    No, it doesn't

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    To be more precisely: the :NEW record (!) is only available in row-level triggers.

    What are you trying to do?
    Why can't you use a row-level trigger if you need to check the new values?

    Btw: where did you read that there is a NEW table in the SQL standard defined?
    I didn't even know that triggers are specified in the SQL standard.

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    Just adding the corresponding part of documentation.
    Oracle Support for Optional Features of SQL/Foundation:2003
    T211, Basic trigger capability
    Oracle's triggers differ from the standard as follows:
    * Oracle does not support OLD TABLE and NEW TABLE; the transition tables specified in the standard (the multiset of before and after images of affected rows) are not available.

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