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    Unanswered: moving DB Diagrams across servers?

    Hi all, I have a database that is duplicated on 4 different SQL Server 2000 servers. I created a database diagram in one of those identical databases using EM, and thought I would like to copy it across to the other 3 databases. I can't find any way to do that though.

    Any ideas? I can right-click and copy the diagram in the source server/database, but can't "paste" into the second server/database's Diagrams directory.

    I know the diagram is created from the objects in the dabase, but mine required some customization and it would be really cool if someone has a silver bullet I could borrow to make the diagrams in the other DB's match up to the formatted one.
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    My guess is that the diagrams are stored as binary data in one or more system tables. Perhaps it is possible to copy these rows from one server to another. Use Profiler to determine what tables are accessed when you view the diagram.

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