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    Problem with converting 2nf to 3nf.

    Im learning on my own on normal forms, and i am stuck on how to perform this.

    Relation R(K, P, R, S) is in 2NF.
    Given the following (transitive) dependency:
    P, Q -> R
    Convert R into two-or-three relations, R1, R2, R3 all in 3NF..

    i can only understand how to do the first relation, but how would you do the other.

    R1(PQ -> R)

    thanks for any help.

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    Oh wow.. I will try to reply with something but its been a few years since ive even looked at functional dependencies and when I did I had no idea what I was doing :P

    if P, R, S -> K and P, Q -> R then P, Q, S -> K (transitivity I think :P hehe)
    P, Q is a subset of R so R, Q, S -> K (I might have use that wrong)

    R1(K, R, S)
    R2(R, P, Q)

    Forgive me if I butchered this.. I tried hehe.

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