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    Question Unanswered: sybase memory usage

    Hi All,
    I wanna know the memory used by sybase in my windows server .I searched and found that executing below procedure returns a values which includes memory usage also but i dono whether it is the correct one or not,because in taskmanager of my server shows different value

    sp_monitorconfig "all"

    Name num_free num_active pct_act Max_Used Reused
    max memory 15363 18429 54.54 % 18429 NA

    also i dono the units of the above values like its in KB or MB etc

    but in taks manager it shows


    can any one xplain why this difference? also is this the right way to find the memory usage? if not if any one have any query to find the memory used by sybase?

    Thanx n Advance

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    For a better understanding of ASE allocates memory, I think you should read up how sybase memory is allocated.

    For a short version, you should look at how much 'max memory' is allocated by running sp_configure and how much 'logical memory' is showing which is the amount of memory that ASE can demand upto with the configured parameters. Also, if you do just sp_configure 'memory', at the end, you can see how much free memory is left that can be still used for other resources.. This is nothing but the difference between 'max memory' and 'logical memory'

    Theres a few new parameters in Sybase 12.x and later 'allocate max shared memory' and 'dynamic allocation on demand' which determine whether ASE takes up all memory while startup or dynamically try to allocate memory as required.

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