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    Unanswered: Shared Memory Dump

    Dear All,

    Back in September, we had an ASE dataserver experiencse catostrophic dataserver failure (meaning ASE crashed and shutdown on it's own). We've had a ticket open for a month and half now, but Sybase Support Team is stumped and has no idea what the root cause of the problem is. So Sybase Support Team is asking us to setup a Shared Memory Dump. We are concerned about the risk vs. the reward. Below are the steps they asked us to follow in order to setup the Shared Memory Dump configuration...

    Methods are below.
    a) Add configuration for Signal 11.

    1> sp_configure "dump on conditions",1
    2> go
    1> sp_shmdumpconfig 'add',signal,11,null,"/tse_work3/tmori"
    2> go

    -- sp_shmdumpconfig displays 'Estimated File Size'.
    1> sp_shmdumpconfig
    2> go

    Configured Shared Memory Dump Conditions

    Signal 11
    Maximum Dumps: Default (1)
    Dumps since boot: 0
    Halt Engines: Default (Halt)
    Page Cache: Default (Omit)
    Procedure Cache: Default (Include)
    Unused Space: Default (Omit)
    Dump Directory: /tse_work3/tmori
    Dump File Name: Default File Name (Generated File Name)
    Estimated File Size: 39 MB

    b) Drop configuration for Signal 11.

    1> sp_shmdumpconfig 'drop',signal,11
    2> go
    1> sp_configure "dump on conditions",0
    2> go

    Sybase wrote: We can estimate that Memory Dump file size is about 1.2GB from your configuration. For your reference it took us 18 seconds to generate 1.2GB Memory Dump file on


    What are your thoughts and experience using / configuring a Shared Memory dump in a Production environment? Are there concerns, risks or dangers we should be aware of? Not to mention, how long can we safely keep this configuration?

    So far, they have given us really bad technical advice to date. So we are really sceptical and hesitant to follow their advice now. What are your thoughts on the above configuration?

    Sincere thanks...

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    No problem, the server might just spend some time creating the dump file when the condition occur depending on your memory config.

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