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    Unanswered: Macro - Prompts

    I have created a single Macro which contains a number of RunMacro’s that run 6 individual macro’s….

    Hope it make sense so far!!! A single Macro, running 6 separate macros.

    Each Macro runs a query, but each query requires a date… the user is prompted to enter a date (Between [start date] And [end date]).

    I want to enter the date once and leave my machine to process the work; otherwise I have to be waiting by the machine, for it to prompt me every time.

    If I create a date table and enter the Start and End Date… how do I link that into the queries so it doesn’t need to be entered every time?

    Many Thanks

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    One way I often do it is I'll have a form with a "StartDate" and "EndDate" field on the form and then in the query(s) I'll put criteria in for the date field: Between Forms!DateForm!StartDate and Forms!DateForm!EndDate.

    Here's an example:
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