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    Unanswered: Wrapping a command in perl

    We are using the following command on LINUX servers to swith the fields in a file.

    perl -pi -e 's/(.*?)=\s+(.*?)\s+\#(.*?) Replace (.*?)\s+(.*)/$1= $4 \# $5 Replace $2 $3/' ${file}

    I am trying to wrap it in a perl script. Please help.

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    What do you mean "wrap" it in a perl script?

    If you want to make it a standalone perl script, it's just:

    #!/usr/bin/perl -pi
    s/(.*?)=\s+(.*?)\s+\#(.*?) Replace (.*?)\s+(.*)/$1= $4 \# $5 Replace $2 $3/
    The command line parameters can go into the shebang (# is a sharp, ! is a bang) just fine. See perldoc perlrun to see why this works, and to see what -pi does.

    Also, change /usr/bin to whatever "which perl" tells you.

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    Thank you.

    Sorry for the late response. Thanks for the worked.

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