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    Unanswered: Linking 2 pre-existing databases.

    I have 2 separate databases. 1 is an accounts ledger database. (It is a Microsoft Office template which is perfect for what I need it for.)

    I need to take the youth database, and link the names of the youth in the accounts ledger database. Any suggestions?


    each youth needs to have an account setup at intake. When we enter the youth into the youth database, an account needs to be created in the ledger database to give the youth an allowance and keep track of his or her spending in the ledger database.

    We want to avoid double entry/discharging the youth.

    I also want to keep the ledger separate so that other staff are not messing around in the youth database. I have securities in place, but I would just like to avoid a mess if possible. Please help!!!!

    Another problem I am running into is the youth who are currently entered in the youth database do not have accounts, and short of copying and pasting their info into the ledger, I am not sure how to create those from data already entered. Thanks a bunch for helping!

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    Without more detail on what type of tables (SQL Server, MSAccess, other), have you thought about just linking in the tables into an mdb? I'm guessing you posted this in the MSAccess forum because you're dealing with MSAccess tables. If you're working with SQL Server tables, you could do a whole bunch of neat stuff (ie. triggers or stored procedures to update data in another table when one table is updated.)

    If you're working with MSAccess tables, your options are to link the tables into the mdb (or link to other mdb via vba code) and update. By updating I mean either in code or through running queries.
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