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    Unanswered: access 03 malfunction

    On a pc with os Windowx XP sp2, with installed for a long time access 2k and 03, even if usually use the vers. 03, after having opened a mdb with the vers. 2k have had problems that I don't succeed in resolving:
    1) to open file with vers. 03 appeared a mask that told of necessary installation, and after some instant the files normally opened.

    2) the thing was unpleasant rather and since at times it gave me problems on some mdbs, that in other pc didn't find them, I have thought of reinstall a03, already adjourned to the sp2.

    3) first however I have tried to remove a2k that so much I used little, thinking about avoiding potential conflicts. Uninstall ok, but now a03 doesn't start anymore: every time reappears the mask "preparazione dell'installazione in corso" (italian) and then more nothing.

    4) I have tried to uninstall from control panel a03 but the mask of windows installer it says "impossible to find a valid sequence for the whole patch" and the procedure interrupts it.

    5) I have tried then to perform the setup.exe from the cd, but after the sequence with which it seems me that you copy some files for the installation on the pc, the same error reappears and the installation interrupts.

    I am perplexed and suffering.

    Will I have to format the disk and reinstall everything from Win XP?

    Can someone help me?


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    If this were happening to me, I would call Microsoft and have them work through the problem. Access is NOT supposed to do this, and Microsoft can help you fix it. If this is a retail version of Access, then you have 2 free assistance calls. If it is not, and you might have to pay for the assistance. Be sure to ask for it to be free after Microsoft figures out it was not your fault, but really Microsoft's fault.

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    For access97 an utility existed (eraser97.exe) that it polished up the installation; someone knows if something of the kind exists for access2003.

    In alternative, with manual intervention, which register, dirs and files to eliminate on access 2003?


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