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Thread: Slow Inserts

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    Unanswered: Slow Inserts

    We have a web based application with a Db2 back-end. We have started experining intermittent response-time. The same insert insert transactions that take few seconds they can take 15minutes (just inserting 100 rows). We had made all kind of adjustments to different DB2 parameters, but we still get spikes few times a day. Any idea what could be the cause?

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    Check the network reponse times.

    If possible, run the insert sqls directly in the DB server and see the timings comapre to the execution from web container.


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    What changes have you made?

    have you checked locks on the database ? what is the lock timeout?

    Try setting up sql and transaction event monitors to identify where the problem is - inside database or outside.
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