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    Unanswered: Oracle intalation with vista


    I had instaling oracle 8i at new laptop on windows vista,
    while am connect sqllpus it show error tns: could not resove the service name,i have set proper tnsnames.ora ,still i got this error
    if anyone help me?

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    V8i has not been supported this century.
    V8i was NEVER certified on Vista.
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    Why installing something that old (Oracle 8i) on something that new (MS Windows Vista)? Is there any special reason? Why wouldn't you install Oracle 10g Express Edition, for example? It is a modern database, it is free, and - finally - Vista is certified with Oracle XE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ankita.desai
    i have set proper tnsnames.ora ,still i got this error
    if anyone help me?
    I don't think you have the "proper" tnsnames.ora otherwise you wouldn't get the error (leaving the fact aside that you are using an extremely ancient Oracle version).

    You should post your connect string and your tnsnames.ora otherwise there is no way to help you.

    Can you tnsping your server? That is always the first shakedown test to check if tnsnames.ora is correct. You should also search your harddisk for any other tnsnames.ora that might "get in the way"

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