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    Unanswered: Access 2003 Integration with MS Word


    I'm currently writing a Contracts application in which the contract data, schedules, Statements of Work etc are captured in Access 2003.

    However, in order to produce the contracts I need to export the variable data into standard Word templates containing our default clauses. (I need Word docs as they will be sent for review/revisions by customers/suppliers and I need to maintain change control via track changes.)

    My problem is that I have tried to use a Mail Merge but this appears to create only a document with a relationship to a single record. I do not seem to be able to create in a single Word template a 1 to many relationship e.g. the main contract can have 1 or many Schedules associated with it in ONE merged document. I can only produce many merged documents with the same contract information with a single schedule - which means that I have to copy and paste the additional schedules in one document to form the complete contract.

    Is this possible? Can anyone please suggest how I can do this via Work merge or any other way?

    thanks for the help


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    I think you're going to be unlucky in this.

    The only thing I can suggest to look at is a temporary table to hold the 1 t0 many info. But remember that the structure of that table has to be reflected in the Word Document (fields etc.).

    In my last post one of colleagues did something like you suggest, but it involve putting a lot of VB code into Word as well as Access (soory no idea what it was).

    Good luck.

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    This looks like the solution for you

    Advanced Word 2003 Mail Merge: Combining Records

    I hope this helps
    Dale Houston, TX

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