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    Good Day,

    Can anyone help me on this problem?

    2007-10-22- InstanceB2 Node:000
    PID:500(db2syscs.exe) TID:1100 Appid:none
    base sys utilities LicCheckProcessors Probe:20

    ADM12017E The number of processors on this machine exceeds the defined
    entitlement of "1" for the product "DB2 Workgroup Server Unlimited Edition".
    The number of processors on this machine is "2". You should purchase additional
    processor based entitlements from your IBM representative or authorized dealer
    and update your license using the License Center or the db2licm command line
    utility. For more information on updating processor based licenses, refer to
    the Quick Beginnings manual for your platform. For more information on the
    db2licm utility, refer to the DB2 Command Reference.


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    it looks like you acceded licence. Try looking the command:
    db2licm -l
    to get more info.

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