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    Unanswered: Datasrc & Datafld in webreport

    I am working on a web version of a simple report showing a table named "Computers". In this table the field "Owner" contains an id number which via a Lookup relation to the table "Employees" is displayed as the appropriate name (both in the table and and the report).

    My problem is that the Lookup function doesn't seem to work when the report is saved as a data access page. In stead of the name it displays the id number.

    Would it be possible to regain the name by defining the correct source in the report field's Element properties, Datasrc & Datafld? If so, how would I define the appropriate table and field? If this is not possible, has anyone got an idea how to solve this problem?

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    In the query for your data access page, add in the table Employees joining in a one-to-many on the id field and bring down the name field from the Employees table. Add the name field to the page.


    Utilize the dlookup command in the controlsource of an unbound text box to lookup the name in the Employees table given the criteria of ID = ID field on the data access page.


    make the ID field on the data access page a combobox using the concepts of a combobox against the Employees table for the rowsource.
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