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    Unanswered: Help to monitor checks

    I have a number of grease pots that i need to routinely check i have about 300 of them to be precise, but i need to monitor the levels of each individually.

    I have a Line
    I have a number of machines on the line
    I have a number of grease pots per line

    I have set up a few samples to start with.

    However i have no idea how i am going to sort out the next part that is why i am looking for your help.

    I need to be able to log the recordings and dates of the check to each grease pot... I need this to be a simple method to populate.

    Example if line one has 10 pots and they are all full then i need a button to click that says all pots on line 1 were all full...

    however some pots may be half full and some only a quaterfull...

    I also need to record who did the check and the date of the check...

    Any ideas on how i can best tackle this problem..

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    You need to add a table for readings for a given grease pot. In that table you will have the PotID, Date, Time, Person. The table will store all the readings for all of the pots for many days.

    Then I think you will need several forms with subforms in them. For each one-to-many relationship (in your case you have, one line has many pots as well as one pot has many readings) you will want to make a form that shows the many in a continuous form that is linked to a form with the one side. Getting specific...

    Create a form that is linked to the Lines table. Allow the user to navigate through each line. Now create a separate form linked to the LineGreasePot table. In the Format properties for the form, change the Default View to Continuous. This allows you to see all of the GreasePots (like in table view).

    Now go back to the Line form and add a subform. Choose an existing form, whatever you called the GreasePots continuos form, and when the wizard asks how you want to link the form with the subform, use the LineID.

    What should happen, is ass the user navigates through the lines, he/she should see all of the pots assigned to that line.

    Then do something similar for the Pots and the PotReadings. Pots would be your form and PotReadings would be your subform.

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    right i have been playing with this and am really struggling to sort this out.

    I have the tables etc working (I Think)

    however i am looking for a suitable method for the data entry..

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I have attached my attempt however Currently I have a continuous for that displays all records for the line I don’t really want this.

    Can anyone please suggest a simpler data entry method

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