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    Unanswered: Missing and/or overlapping Info...

    I am trying to identify missing data on a continuous form (bounded to a table). Both From and TO fields are integer

    From TO
    0 12
    14 25
    24 28

    The second record should start with number 13. Also, the 3rd record should start with 26 not 24. They must be set up in correct sequence. (0 to 99 is the array or sequence)

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    If you have an ID (autonumber) field, you can use the me.currentrecord to compare the current record number against the autonumber field. Ex:

    if me.currentrecord = me!MyAutonumberField then
    msgbox "In sequence."
    msgbox "Out of sequence"
    end if

    You can try this on the OnCurrent event. The me.CurrentRecord will give you the current record number and you may be able to utilize it in some way with what you want to do.
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