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    Unanswered: Access 97 Freezes whwen veiwing a report

    We have an access 97 database. and every few weeks a run a report that is 179 pages.

    however access freezes on 2 pages of the report. when trying to view page 137 and 138 access just freezes up and i have close access via the task manager.

    could this be the report that is corrupt and i have to re generate the report from the query

    or is the data that is trying to be displayed on those 2 pages corrupt???

    im not much of a db and havent used access since uni lol

    any help would be great


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    Do you have any dlookup commands in any of the fields? Are the key fields you're sorting on indexed? Are there any If/then... statements which could be delayed or not computing the data on these pages? Do any of the field values of the records in these 2 pages look odd or wierd compared to the other data? Is there any data which is causing a lot of page reformatting (ie. growing of fields) on these pages? Try changing the recordsource query properties of the report (recordset type property) to a snapshot.

    You can also try creating another copy of the report and set it so the query just queries the specific page 137-138 data and see if that is taking a while or freezes.
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