Hi, we are using DB2 Express v9.1.200.166 on Windows and have a big problem with data encryption. When a field bigger then 32k is transmited and authentication is set to DATA_ENCRYPTION the following error is produced:

ERROR [58009] [IBM] SQL30020N Execution of the command or SQL statement failed because of a syntax error in the communication data stream that will affect the successful execution of subsequent commands and SQL statements: Reason Code "0x124C"("011D")"". SQLSTATE=58009

Everything works fine on smaller fields, or other authentication methods. I checked the fixpacs and there was a similar problem: IY91859: FETCH COULD HIT -902 IF DATA_ENCRYPT IS ON AGAINST Z/OS OR LUW SERVER
This should have been fixed in fix pack 1 but i still get this error. Did anybody have any similar problems?

Please help, thanks.