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    Unanswered: Size of Access File

    I have an access office application with a few hundred thousand rows. I deleted all of the rows except the 25 top rows. When looking at the file size in windows explorer, I noticed that the size has not changed at all? Although now it copies faster than its original size if I copy it to another folder. So my question is why is this so? TIA!

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    I'm no expert, and I could be wrong, but is it worth trying to Compact the database? I remember having a similar problem and I think compacting did the trick.

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    first do you have pictures in your application ?
    second did you try to compact the application ?

    if there are some pictures in your appliaction, they will stay even after you deleting them, because they still in the tables taking space.
    the best way here is to create new databse and import every thing from your old one.
    also try to go to tools-options-general then click (compact database on exit)
    I hope this will help you.

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    When you delete data from your database it is not deleted until you compact the database. It is similar to deleting files in Windows. Windows marks the space used by the file as free space. But if you want to, and have a utilitiy to do it, you can undelete a file. I don't know of an undelete for table data, but the space is only freed up. If you want to removed the 'deleted' data you need to compact which creates a new database object and copies all of the objects from the old database into a new one, deletes the old one and renames the new one. You can watch it happen if you have a large enough database. Access will first create a db1.mdb in the current folder and will add all of the objects to it (keep refreshing the folder and watch the filesize grow). Then when its done, the delete and rename occur.

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