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    Unanswered: installation ASE 12.5.2 in Centos 5 (please help!!)

    hi to all,

    im trying setup/installed ASE 12.5.2 in linux (Centos 5) kernel 2.6.18-8.1.14.el5, installation is i think is successfully but when i try to build a SERVER with srvbuidres command i got the error:

    Building Adaptive Server 'srv':
    Writing entry into directory services...
    Directory services entry complete.
    Building master device...
    sh: line 1: 2100 Segmentation fault /home/sybase/opt/ASE-12_5/bin/dataserver -d/home/sybase/opt/datadevice/master.dat -b30M -z2048 -ssrv -e/home/sybase/opt/ASE-12_5/install/srv.log -T1623 -f >/tmp/sbwUJ83B 2>&1
    Task failed
    dataserver: master device size for this server: 30.0 Mb
    dataserver: master database size for this server: 6.0 Mb
    dataserver: model database size for this server: 2.0 Mb
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.10 kernel Checked out license ASE_DEV
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.12 kernel Adaptive Server Enterprise Developer Edition.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.27 kernel Using config area from primary master device.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.27 server Configuration Error: Configuration file, '/home/sybase/opt/srv.cfg', does not exist.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.27 kernel Warning: A configuration file was not specified and the default file '/home/sybase/opt/srv.cfg' does not exist. SQL Server creates the default file with the default configuration.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.29 kernel Warning: Using default file '/home/sybase/opt/srv.cfg' since a configuration file was not specified. Specify a configuration file name in the RUNSERVER file to avoid this message.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel Internal run-time model set for Linux - Native
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel Using 1024 file descriptors.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.2/EBF 11949 ESD#1/P/Linux Intel/Enterprise Linux/ase1252/1838/32-bit/OPT/Sat May 29 01:03:02 2004
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel Confidential property of Sybase, Inc.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel Copyright 1987, 2004
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel Sybase, Inc. All rights reserved.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel Unpublished rights reserved under U.S. copyright laws.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel This software contains confidential and trade secret information of Sybase,
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel Inc. Use, duplication or disclosure of the software and documentation by
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel the U.S. Government is subject to restrictions set forth in a license
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel agreement between the Government and Sybase, Inc. or other written
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel agreement specifying the Government's rights to use the software and any
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel applicable FAR provisions, for example, FAR 52.227-19.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel Sybase, Inc. One Sybase Drive, Dublin, CA 94568, USA
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel ASE booted on Linux release 2.6.18-8.1.14.el5 version #1 SMP Thu Sep 27 18:58:54 EDT 2007.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel Using '/home/sybase/opt/srv.cfg' for configuration information.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.31 kernel Logging ASE messages in file '/home/sybase/opt/ASE-12_5/install/srv.log'.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.38 kernel Platform TCP network is forced to IPv4-only.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.38 kernel SQL Server booted with TCP_NODELAY enabled.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.41 kernel SSL Plus v3.0.8 security modules loaded successfully.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:55.41 kernel Network and device connection limit is 1014.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:56.19 server Number of blocks left for proc headers: 3232.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:56.20 server Proc header memory allocated 1616 pages for each per engine cache
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:56.46 server Size of the 2K memory pool: 8192 Kb
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:56.46 server Memory allocated for the default data cache cachelet 1: 8192 Kb
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:56.46 kernel Extended cache size '0' is invalid. Provide the appropriate size value.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:56.47 kernel Enabling (RT) Posix asynchronous disk I/O strategy.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:56.47 kernel Initializing virtual device 0, '/home/sybase/opt/datadevice/master.dat' with dsync 'off'.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:56.47 kernel Virtual device 0 started using asynchronous i/o.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:56.47 kernel Worker Thread Manager is not enabled for use in SQL Server.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:56.48 kernel Either the config parameter 'use security services' is set to 0, or ASE does not support use of external security mechanisms on this platform. The Security Control Layer will not be initialized. No external security mechanisms will be supported.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:56.48 kernel Unix interval timer enabled for sysclk interrupts.
    00:00000:00000:2007/10/24 20:26:56.56 kernel engine 0, os pid 2100 online
    Server 'srv' was not created.

    and here's my resource file:
    sybinit.release_directory: USE_DEFAULT
    sybinit.product: sqlsrv
    sqlsrv.server_name: srv
    sqlsrv.new_config: yes
    sqlsrv.do_add_server: yes
    sqlsrv.network_protocol_list: tcp
    sqlsrv.network_port_list: 5000
    sqlsrv.server_page_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.force_buildmaster: yes
    sqlsrv.master_device_physical_name: /home/sybase/opt/datadevice/master.dat
    sqlsrv.master_device_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.master_database_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.errorlog: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.do_upgrade: no
    sqlsrv.sybsystemprocs_device_physical_name: /home/sybase/opt/datadevice/sybsystemprocs.dat
    sqlsrv.sybsystemprocs_device_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.sybsystemprocs_database_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.sybsystemdb_device_physical_name: /home/sybase/opt/datadevice/sybsystempdb.dat
    sqlsrv.sybsystemdb_device_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.sybsystemdb_database_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.default_backup_server: srv_bs

    what should be the problem please help!!

    thank you very much

    Thanks in Advance,

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    please reply,please help..

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    Hm. All I can see from the message you posted is the core dump. Is there anything on the srvbuildres log file?

    The only things I can think of the moment are
    1) Check the OS build (patches) vs ASE version compatibility.
    2) Raise a case with Sybase if you have a support contract.

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    hi trvishi,

    thank you very much for reply,i dont have any support contract with sybase but when try to other OS like suse 10.1 is same error display,hope you can help me,

    thank you very much again


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    443 Check this link for LINUX certifications.

    Also, were you able to get anything from the install errorlog files, besides just the coredump error.

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    hi trvishi,

    thank you again ,i think is past for sybase certification, any tips guide that you can suggest for i can troubleshoot,thank you for your patience to me.


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    i solve my prblem i set LD_POINTER_GUARD to 0.


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