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    Unanswered: Dbspaces disappear !!


    I'm newbie in informix.. so , I need some help to discover this error..

    I'm trying to create some dbspaces.. using this command:

    onspaces -c -d phylog -p /logocenter/db/prd/rchunk002 -o 0 -s 1024000
    onspaces -c -d loglog -p /logocenter/db/prd/rchunk003 -o 0 -s 1024000
    onspaces -c -d prdtmp1 -t -p /logocenter/db/prd/rchunk004 -o 0 -s 2048000
    onspaces -c -d prdtmp2 -t -p /logocenter/db/prd/rchunk005 -o 0 -s 1024000

    It's ok. The dbspaces are creates but... when I restart the db they disapear in onstat -d.

    I restart using

    onmode -yuk
    oninit -ivy

    I got Expanded chunk capacity mode: disabled (maybe it should be always ?)

    I dont know where I'm wrong.. can anyone help me ?


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    Talking Disappearing spaces

    Hi Fernando,

    What you experience is exactly what IDS is supposed to do. The problem is in the restart of the instance. You specify 'oninit -ivy', where the 'i' option stands for initialize. This means the whole diskarcitecture (especially the rootdbs) will be formatted and all information regarding the other chunks/spaces is deleted.
    You can restart wityh oninit (with or without the -v option). The -i option is only there to set-up a new instance. If you remove the 'y' option IDS will print a question that tells you if you are really sure you want to discard all existing data.

    Hope this helps,


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