My IBMLINK account is hosed at the moment, so thought I'd try here while I wait on that...

I am running DB2 V7 on Z/OS V1.4. We are using DB2 stored procedures (COBOL), controlled through WLM.

I have one (stored proc) that is very intermittently failing with a -430 (something went wrong with the program). Looking at the WLM started task that it runs under, I am seeing a U4094 abend with a reason code of 2C.

I've looked up the U4094-2C in the LE/370 Run-Time Messages manual and get this:

U4094 (X'FFE')

Explanation: An abend was issued during termination, when errors were detected.

Reason codes:
X'2C' (44) Termination requested during termination.

Programmer Response: See system programmer.
System Action: Enclave terminated.

...which ain't telling me much.

If I look in the MSGFILE output, I see this...
CEE3517S The dynamic allocation of the MSGFILE was not successful. The error reason code was 1040. The traceback information could not be determined.

I've tried the MSGFILE run time option of both ENQ and NOENQ, with no difference.

So, has anyone run into anything similar to this or have any experience with this type problem that could offer some suggestions?