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    Unanswered: Date format changes when merging with Word

    Can anyone tell me why when I use data from my Access database as the merge data for a Word mail merge the date format changes from 24/10/2007 to 10/24/2007. (In Australia we show the day then the month then the year)
    Funnily enough this problem hasn't occured in previous years but now is.
    I've tried changing the Access field to 24 Oct 2007 but the Word file still picks up 10/24/2007. I've even tried exporting to Excel and pulling the data from there but same problem.

    I realise this may be the wrong forum to ask but thought I'd ask anyway.


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    See if this suggestion resolves your issue.
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    I use the following coding when writing a date to a bookmark in a word document

    .Selection.Text = Format(Forms!frm_request!persondob, "dd-mmm-yyyy")

    The input data is in the format dd-mmm-yyyy e.g. 30-MAY-2007 it is displayed in the word document as 30-MAY-2007 using the above format.

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    it could be caused by a setting in your word or word document.
    I've seen this sort of problem when using say Letter paper, or if some software has updated the normal template.

    check the language dictionary and internationalisation settigns for either you template or document you are struggling with

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