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    Unanswered: performance issue

    One of our client is having nearly l Million rows in a table. when search is happening on that table, it is taking hell lot of time for a simple query

    I have to Search on one column(varchar) only, based on results I have bring some more fields info from another 3 tables

    Non clustered Index also specified on that search column

    I tried with all options

    using Like operator
    In operator
    if two values given then using union
    using fulltext indexing --- Contains

    but in performance there is no much difference

    even I used "top" 1000 rec to fetch

    for 1000 records it is taking 20-30 sec

    please help me out in this issue with any other methodology

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    I would start here. Post the requested information, and we can offer much better guesses about your problem(s).


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    posting the query would be a good place to start

    but read the link Pat gave you if you want a 100% answer

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