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    Unanswered: Forms and Dataentry - can you use VBA to create?

    This is my problem. I have a database that basically stores rankings for various categories for businesses that we work with. Each employee ranks the companies they work with based on the categories (6 currently) each quarter.

    My database design is done. My problem is now coming up with an easy form/webpage for data entry that I can send to each employee.

    The rankings are in a seperate table that contains the category ID, the actual rank, employeeID, companyID and quarterID.

    What I envision is having a form/webpage that allows employee to select their name. The quarter would be set before the form was sent out.

    Next all the companies we work with (not a set amount) would be displayed in one column. The categories would be listed at the top in a row. Then for each row there would be an input box/dropdown menu that would allow the user to select a ranking. For each ranking that was selected then i could create a record in my ranking table.

    I can imagine the code needed to do the above but don't know if I can implement it in an Access Form (can you use VBA to create a form on the fly) and don't know what the best system would be to do it in webpage form.

    Any help/direction would be appreciated.


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    Can you use VBA to build a form, yes. I haven't done it but I have a copy of Beginning Access 2003 VBA by Wrox sitting next to me that tells me it is possible. Not quick or easy but possible. If your considering sending it out in Access though, why not just build the form the easy way?
    I think the other question you are asking is, is this the best way? That's harder to say, it depends a lot on your proficiencies and those around you. There is no reason to not do it that way but you could do it in an Excel spreadsheet, Adobe Live Form, Web Form or whatever else you are comfortable in. Remember, you can import from a variety of file types. You could even write a freestanding program in VB or C# that sends the data as text to you.

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    if using 2k or greater you and the data is shared over an INTRAnet not INTERnet then you could use a data access page (web browser) Very easy to do - let the wizard do the initial and the rest will be simple.
    Dale Houston, TX

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