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    Unanswered: Hhow to SECURE an Access Project ?

    What is the best way to SECURE an Access Project (ADP) ?
    The back-end of my ADP application is an SQL Server 2000 database.

    I merely relied on Windows authentication on the back-end.
    I also added code on the front-end to make sure the front-end will run on 2 computers.

    Is this enough ?

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    If it's an ADP, SQL Server permissions to the table(s) are usually enough. I'm not sure what code you added to make sure the front-end will run on 2 computers but you can usually do this without adding in extra code. If you want to add in additional security, you can check out the getuser() permissions in the code bank which shows you another method based on a "security" table. You can even get into using Access security to the ADP itself. Many different ways to impliment security.
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