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    Unanswered: having trouble finding a specific .RSL


    I am doing some work for a company that is in the check cashing business. At any rate, the POS application they use has this one report (.RSL) that they want modified. The trouble is, I have looked hi & lo for this and cannot find one that appears to match the paper copy I am (currently) looking at.

    My question is this: Is there a utility that will allow me to search within the .RSL file itself for a specific text string (from the "report" header) even though the file is coded in Paradox 7? I have already done a simple text search within the folders containing the POS apps' .RSL's.

    Any info on this would be great ... also, any other Paradox 7 related utilities, such as those that might allow me to get into "protected" forms and other files.



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    I just checked some of the .RSL's using a HEX editor and the text is perfectly visible ... therefore, I am able to see their content ... the problem still remains that I cannot for the life of me find this specific file. Is there another type of file that can be used for reporting? This specific "report" is sent to a "receipt printer". I am wondering if maybe since it is a receipt printer that the person is sending output directly to it from the application (i.e., NO .RSL file). If that is the case, then I need to find a way to get into the form where this action is initiated.

    Any help is appreciated. I am having a tough time finding tools to assist me here. This product is from 1995 ... I would think that there have been tools created but I am just not finding them.


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    > the problem still remains that I cannot for the life of me find this specific file

    delivered copies of a report are RDL, not RSL.. if that's what is running, and the original source file isn't there, you won't find the text string.. and you can't modify the RDL.. you can only modify the RSL..

    do you know for sure that you're looking for the correct report?
    do you know for sure that yoou're looking in the right folder?

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