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    Unanswered: data connection in excel 2007

    Well, I am at using sql databases to run my website. I am trying to work some automation into the order processing. Obvisouly, there is a sql database for orders that gets updated every time an order is placed. I wanted to be able to pull that into excel and do some calculations and evertually be able to do a few things including, pulling a file into a fedex shipping program which would then print a label. It would be a pretty awesome thing to be able to do, but at this point, I am unable to access my website with what excel offers. I have a port setup that may be different from a default port that excel may be trying to access. I tried putting my host name (ip address) and my username and password. This didn’t work. I tried putting my ip address with the port. (as well as a " , " and another " . ". Non of these worked. I use another program called navicat, to manage my sql databases. I am using this same information to put into the excel options and it is not working. The only difference between the two sets of info is that I am able to put a port into navicat but not in exactly. This is why I have come to the conclusion that the port should be the issue (might be something completely different, I have no idea). If you have any knowledge about any of this it would be a huge huge help.

    Thank you

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    which DBMS are you trying to connect to? MySQL? if so, try port 3306

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    Problem Fixed

    thank you for your help. The problem that i was having is as follows.
    and this is a brief review of what i have found out. dont take my word for it but this is how the problem was fixed.

    I was trying to connect to a mysql "server" which was located in the back end of our website. we have our website hosted somewhere 10000 miles away. If you do not have them within your network, excel does not let you connect. we downloaded some add ons to excel. MYSQL import, exprt program... and MYSQL DATA QUERY program. It took some manuevering and some fanageling, but it works. If anyone is having this problem, feel free to contact me and i will try and help you walk through it. it works great now and we are going to be able to completly automate most of our business's processes saving us a ton of time.


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    Great that it is resolved.

    It might be better if you didn't put your email in the post, to avoid trawlers/crawlers from picking it up.
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