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    Change values in Dataflex table

    Yes I am a really major newbie.
    I don't know much about databases and I just want to be able to do one thing:

    I have a Dataflex for Dos 3.x based application that has a table (called pc120.dat)with about 6000 streetnames, numbers and zipcodes. One of the streetnames is wrongly spelled. How do I change them (preferably all at once, because it's a street with lots of houses) without having to purchase expensive software that I don't understand anyway?

    Having done that, should I reindex? (there's also a .k1, .k2, .k3, .hdr, .tag, and .vld file with the same name (pc120).
    I can try any solution on a standalone computer with one of my backups, and will do so at my own risk.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Newbie,

    I work for Data Access Worldwide, the makers of DataFlex, and you can get all of your questions answered & good direction on how to proceed by visiting the DataFlex support newsgroups that are publicly available.

    Info on the newsgroups in general is here:

    The DataFlex newsgroup is for discussions related to character mode DataFlex (which is what you have). The url is:


    The most recent info on how to configure your newsreader (if you need it) is here:

    Let me suggest that you look into Visual DataFlex - the Personal edition is free, and it's geared for easily building Windows and Web database applications, and you can use it to update your current application using the same database. Info on VDF is here:

    Also, we offer Professional Services as well as Training if you are interested in that route - see


    Randall Rutherford
    Data Access Worldwide

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    Hi MajorNewbie,
    I am part of a dataflex users group in New England, USA and we can help you.
    please see www.NEDataFlex.Com for the NorthEast DataFlex Consortium NEDC.
    We have a meeting together Saturday brunch but you can leave a message for us on the site and we'll try and help you the best we can.
    BTW: your version of DataFlex is DOS Character mode considered outdated by about 15 revisions and 8-10 years of development, but as randall indicated you can download a free 30 day eval of the most current edition Visual DataFlex 12.1 and write a program to update and massage your current data tables, or we can help you do it.
    Peter Donovan
    Applause Software / Boston

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    Thumbs up

    Thx Applause, I'll DL the evaluation copy of VDF12.1 and start experimenting.
    Should my bloodpressure go up too high then I'll be happy to contact your users group!

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    Wow! I remember DataFlex, and I even still have a copy of it on 5.25 inch diskettes laying around somewhere! Dataflex died as a company/product many years ago, but I'm glad to hear that someone has resurrected the product, I have fond memories of it.


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