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    Question Unanswered: DTS task help


    I have a DTS package with 4 steps that is executed in loop (step1 to step4 by passing diff parameters in global variables) to process a set of files.


    step4 (zipping the output files) is taking a lot of time and I need a way such that at the end of step3, step4 gets triggered and the package gets completed without waiting for step4 to complete.

    This way at the end of step3, step4 will be triggered and immediately the DTS would start its next loop of processing the next file.

    hope i've not made it confusing.

    Thank you

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    MY $.02 ... for what it's worth.

    Have a scheduled job call the DTS package that performs current steps 1 thru 3. Encapsulate the current 4th step into a stored proc/dos command line combination and remove it from the DTS package.

    Create a new DTS 4th step to write the file names to a table along with a processed_flag = 0 and a datetime column. When the new 4th step completes, control returns to the job. The job then calls a stored proc to extract the file names from the table based on the datetime column, set the flag to processed, prepares the dos command to zip the files, and executes xp_cmdshell to fire off the zip.

    That way the files won't get processed twice if your DTS loop starts another step 4 before the first one ends.

    -- This is all just a Figment of my Imagination --

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    What if you only ran your loop for steps 1-3 and then exeuted 4 afterwards?
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