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    Unanswered: Proper drop and delete of tablespace

    I'm trying to drop and delete a tablespace, including all that is in it. I'm running OracleXE locally. After deleting the tablespace and databasefiles, I tried to logon as a system user, but Oracle gave me a ORA-01033 instead.

    To drop the tablespace, I logged on as system and executed:

    A search on the web gave to a page that suggested to:
    - logon as sysdba
    - issue shutdown
    - issue startup
    - (possibly followed by a recover)

    I did the recover but all I got are other ORA-error messages:
    ORA-00283, ORA-01110, ORA-01157, ORA-01110: basically they are all telling me that I'm missing files and that it's not working.

    So the next time, I guess I'll issue a DROP ... AND DATAFILES;

    My question is: how do I prevent this from reoccuring and how do I fix this?


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    I may have solved the issue by following this weblogs solution:

    Still.. I'd like to know how to properly drop an entire tablespace w/o this kind of hassle. Does: DROP TABLESPACE [name] INCLUDING CONTENTS AND DATAFILES; suffice?

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    >how do I prevent this from reoccuring
    Stop issuing DROP TABLESPACE command; when apparently you are not qualified to realize the consequences.

    >how do I fix this?
    Most likely, by doing a complete re-installation.

    What are the last 200 lines in the alert_SID.log file?
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    What tablespace are you trying to remove. Unless you created a new tablespace of your own, EVERY tablespace in XE is needed for the database to run correctly.
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    It's not a system tablespace but one which is created for an application. I had it created by running the affiliated database scripts that also create the tables, indices, etc. I made a mistake to overlook the creation of other tablespaces including a temporary one. I knew something smelly was going on when I looked at the scripts and thought it safer to drop the whole lot instead of truncating all tables I could find. When I deleted the directory the ts files were in, I assumed I had dropped all.

    So the error wasn't so much on the drop of the tablespace, but of the missing of other tablespaces I had removed manually. I fixed that by following the link I posted earlier.

    By including the "AND DATAFILES" I'm pretty sure I have all ends covered (except for the users) so I can create and drop any time of day.

    btw: I haven't found a alert_SID.log, where could it be?

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