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    Unanswered: Can't view Menu Bar

    I'm working on a database and the default built-in menu bar is not available. I right clicked and it is not listed in the toolbar. So I opened up a blank instance of MS Access the default built-in is missing also. How do I get the default to return ?

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    do you mean the file edit view .... as the default

    That a dirty way to hide Menu bar

    need to right click on a one of the other menu bars
    and click customeise click the tool bar tab the tick the Menu Bar

    The easyest way to hide/show that menu bar is

    in the form properties put =1 in the menu option this will hide that menu bar.
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    Yes, I mean the file, edit and view, etc...., I don't want to hide the default, I want to see it, But now I cannot see the menu bar on a blank database either. Help I need to view the default menu bar. I don't want to create a custom one for each database I work on.

    Well I got it figured out, somehow I must be some code that set the menu bar to false. I'm in the process of finding it, but I did get the default menu bar to come back using the following code in the immediate window. Commadbar("Menu Bar).enable = True and now it is back.
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