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    Unanswered: the 2GB file limitation breaks down to...?

    quick question (hopefully), and i'm not really expecting a definitive answer. more like a guestimate.

    access' file limitation is 2 GB. if someone wanted to put a *.csv or *.txt that had 8 columns but 30 mil. records (rows), do you think that that would fit in one db? it's all text - no graphics.

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    My first knee-jerk response would be to see what size the CSV file was... if it was bigger than 2GB, then you're definitely out of luck...

    But, for a better "guesstimate"....

    If I'm not mistaken, the Microsoft Jet 4.0 engine stores characters in 2-byte character format.

    Now, assuming that your 8 columns contain 10 characters each, you'd have 80 characters @ 2 bytes for 160 bytes per row.

    30,000,000 rows of 160 bytes comes out to around 4.8 billion bytes (about 4.5GB or so)

    So, I'm gonna have to say that no, it wouldn't fit.


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    And, I would recommend that you don't push Access' limits that hard anyway. If you COULD fit it into 1.5 GB or so, what happens when you run a query that caused the database to bloat?

    This is a case where I would strongly recommend that you use a server-based product (PostgreSQL, SQL Express, or MySQL, to name a few) to store the data.
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