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    Help with homework problem...please!!!

    I need help with this homework problem. I think I have it right but am not sure. ERD is included as an attachment. Here is the problem itself:

    The Hudson Engineering Group (HEG) has contacted you to create a database for its training program. The HEG has several instructors, and offers advanced technology courses, each of which may be taught several times a year. Each offering is taught by one instructor, and can have up to 30 students. Instructors are capable of teaching many different courses. Draw an entity-relationship for HEG (in 3NF!).

    Here is what I have so far....

    Instructor (InstructorNum, InstructorName, CourseNum)
    Courses (CourseNum, CourseName, QuarterOffered)
    CourseNum --> CourseName, QuarterOffered
    InstructorNum --> InstructorName, CourseNum
    	FK CourseNum --> Courses
    Do I have everything I need? Should I have included students?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by x_siobhan_x
    Do I have everything I need?
    Quote Originally Posted by x_siobhan_x
    Should I have included students?

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    I think you have done good so far by your diagram.

    I personally count 4 entities in your assignment. You have 2 of them so far. See if you can guess what the other 2 are.

    We are not allowed to "do the work for you" but we can help you to find the answers. Just continue to put a little effort (as you have done) and I'm sure you will find the people here more than willing to help you.

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    what they said ^^

    here's one problem you might want to think about:

    in the Courses table, each course occurs only once, and each course has a CourseName and QuarterOffered

    however, this design means that each course can be offered in only one quarter, and that's wrong

    similarly in the Instructor table, each instructor can teach only one course | @rudydotca
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    Oh, the joy of ERD! Actually I enjoyed Database systems class out of all my CSC classes.

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    Just continue to put a little effort
    That comment made me laugh violently.

    I agree yes, just push yourself that little bit further. Open the book, read a bit, breathe, rest, read some more, almost there, you've done it.
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