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    value of Oracle Certification (OCP-DBA 10g)


    I live in Canada, am currently visiting Pakistan, and have started taking an Oracle certification here (OCP-DBA 10g). Things in Pakistan are a bit hard to research though so I wanted to ask some questions.

    Question 1:
    Firstly I'd like if you could advise on the market of a DBA. I'm a recent grad in IT but still haven't done much work in the IT sector itself, I've had trouble finding work. I've started this certification in hopes of adding value to my resume, but will it benefit me if I don't have much experience? Along with this certification the place I'm taking it at is finding me an internship for a few months, but that will also be here in Pakistan, I'm not sure if that will count in other countries. So I'm trying to figure out the value of a new grad in IT with an OCP-DBA with the only experience being an internship in a foreign country. This is in USA/Canada of course.

    Question 2:
    I have very little prior knowledge of DB/SQL. My bachelor's degree was in IT, that was my only exposure, but I've only done one course in SQL and it wasn't all that comprehensive. So I also wanted to know if I'd be able to actually get the certification on my first attempt, or is more extensive exposure required?

    I apologize if these questions seem simplistic. Ordinarily I Google answers to such questions but market demand is something I haven't been able to research for this. This was one of the hottest certifications back in 2002 from my research but I haven't been able to find much for now. Not to mention its hard to factor the new grad with no experience into my research.

    By the way I haven't looked into this recently, but last time I did I also had trouble finding the cost of certifying myself in Canada, specially Toronto. Any ideas on this?

    I'd appreciate any help that could be provided.


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    The problem is, certifications in the form of OCP and MSxxx are quite useless and lead to disasters within the corporate world. The certifications only teach you how to turn the database on (which button to press), and how to click the "create index" button. They do not teach you any of the principles of the theory of database design, database theory, query techniques, concurrency, etc. An ill-understanding of these issues has the potential to send a company bankrupt.

    I would strongly suggest that you learn SQL, Concurreny Management, Database Theory, and spend time developing solutions to SQL problems that are posted on these forums.

    Once you understand these, you can claim to be an expert on any database system in use today. Remember: the person who can push the button will earn $40k, but the person who knows when to push it will earn $100k.
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    Hi r123456!

    I had the same inclination like yours, although, honestly, I am beginning to lose faith on it.

    if you search for a job, let's say online, you will be intimidated when you look at the requirements, you'll need certifications for the job you are applying for.

    I have handled and maintained Sybase, MSSQL, Oracle. developed application using VB .NET, Powerbuilder. I have a strong background in both PL SQL as well as Transact SQL. I even worked for Sybase's local sole distributor in my country as a consultant, and even trained DB Administration without certificate on what I am training :lol:.

    but without certifications, all of these are but empty words to employers who don't have deep backgrounds in I.T..

    It's very easy to put a lot of BS in your resume and spew "technical terms" during interviews, certified or not, so these employers/recruiters will only find confidence in certifications.

    Actually, I am planning to take the exam for OCA, I heard that you don't need to spend 2k bucks for training and just go straight with the exam.

    I have a question from our fellow OCA/OCP/OCMs:
    Is it advisable to review the Oracle documentation available free online, and skipping the 2k bucks courses, and go ahead with the EXAM in our local pearson vue certified test centers?

    I mean, would there be a difference betwwen hard core self-studying and spoon-feeding? will Oracle give priority to those who took their courses?

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    I tend to disagree on the value of certifications.
    Certs show the employer that you are capable of learning and are up to date on the technology side of things. They will serve to open doors in most cases then you need to prove yourself. I find that i can get jobs easier now that i am certified than when i was not.
    Maybe its just me ...

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    Yes, I tend to agree with the comments so far. Nowadays experience is not enough, you need certificates, being a bit cynical, as many as possible. They get you in to the job interviews where you can shine. It will soon become obvious if you can't do the job, so keep studying.

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    is the online documentation enough?

    will I encounter a question with an answer not found in the online documentation?

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