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    Unanswered: Excel to MySQL

    Is there any tools to convert Excel to MySQL?


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    Quote Originally Posted by vntrade
    Is there any tools to convert Excel to MySQL?

    First, you will have to create a schema for each new table. So you have to create the database structure. And you'll wind up putting stuff in the database that you don't have in your workbooks.

    But, the data itself can be copied. If you can export your Excel worksheets as comma delimited files, you can import those into MySQL. But there are limits:

    1. Each worksheet must have one table (where a table is something you can sort) with nothing else.

    2. If you have any subtotal rows or grandtotal rows, they need to go. If you have any pictures, they'll get thrown out for you. Each row must have identical structure, except for one header row.

    3. No merged cells.

    4. Non-ASCII characters could a PITA.

    This puts the data in a form that can be (relatively) easily imported.

    So... yes, you can import data from Excel. It's not hard. But there's no tool that can simply take an Excel workbook and convert it into a database that does even remotely the same thing.

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