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    Unanswered: Generate XML file through MySQL DB Insertion

    We are in process to execute the event the moment we get an entry in DB i.e. at the time of insertion in MYSQL we need to generate an XML and forward to another server.

    For example we got an message from user A, we need to fetch all who are linked up with user A and finally put in encoded XML file. At last this XML file has sent to third party server i.e.<encoded-xml-string>&action=data

    Please let us update if there is any alternate to do rather than MYSQL JOB Handler.


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    sorry I don't understand
    do you mean you need to get an XML feed from MySQL at the point that you insert the data?
    or do youmena you want to query MySQL and return data to the client application in XML?

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    Hey Healdem,

    Our scenario as follows:

    Once the data has Inserted into DB we wanna retrieve the relevant data as per this inserted value and make a pre formatted XML file. This XML file we want to send a third party server. [I mean the sending part has to triggered automatically].

    In simple words we can say that we want to trigger the sending XML stream after insertion of data.


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    You're going to be using your application to do this...
    Steps :
    1) application takes data input
    2) application submits information to database
    3) database stores information (as was sent)
    4) application collects data from database
    5) application builds xml file
    6) application sends xml file over stream

    As you can see from the above the only thing the database does is store and retrieve the information for you. Your application will handle the rest.

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