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    Unanswered: access dates going in wrong

    I have an access db in uk format (dd/mm/yyyy)

    when i do

    update customers set sent=#11/10/2007# where ticketid='3245820'

    it goes into the db as 10/11/2007

    it's not happenaing with dates such as 16/10/2007 which are going in correctly?

    any ideas? hte only way to change is if i got to the records and manually switch.

    what could be causing this?

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    If you are defining the query in VBA then you need to ensure that all dates are formatted as American dates ie. mm/dd/yy; so literal string as above shoud be
    for the 11th Oct
    and date variables (including the values of date controls) I suggest this

    = #" & Format(DateVariable, "mm/dd/yy") & "#"

    alway works for me !

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