Hi All,

Thanks in advance.

I ran DB2load comand on independent table. There was only 5 records in data file. The process ran for a very long time (+8 Hrs).
So we try to force application, after forcing, application stayed in "Performing Load" status. So we take a look at db2 agents, there was one deadlock agent. we killed that agent. which lead to system hang and the reboot took around +9 hrs. It toke a time in FSCK.

After successful reboot, we again run the same DB2LOAD process. Again it was showing "Performing Load" status for a very long time. But this time we wait. But this lead to kernel panic. The system was rebooted and same story repeated. Huge no of files were created at lost+found, that files recovery took lot of time in reboot.

one more thing i would like to tell,
before happening all this i was created 2 index on the loading table, ran a load to table, it ran easily. after that i dropped both newly created indexes.
and then problem begun......
is there any relation of these indexes with problem.

Please let me know what could be the reason behind this problem.

I want to try and success the import on the table.