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    Unanswered: trying to use osql in SQL Server 2000

    I want to run a stored procedure, from a .bat file.
    Here is line 1 of the .bat file
    osql -S SISPROD -d gSchool -E -Q "xSP_Attendance_Post_All_1Day '0708'"

    When I run it as a Schedule Task, get
    Run-time error '-2147217904...' Procedure 'xSP_Attendance_Post_All_1Day' expects parameter '@sy' which was not supplied.

    The '0708' is the @sy parameter.
    What is wrong with the command?

    The weirder thing is that when I get a command prompt, any osql command gives me this:
    'osql' is not recognized as an internal or external command,...'

    Unless I run the .bat file -- then I get the same error as the 1st above.

    SQL Server is not installed on this server. How does the Scheduled task run osql (although with the 1sterror above)? The task is running as "me", Active Directory user, same as I am logged on to server but cannot run osql at all.

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    on the wrong server
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    you need the client tools installed for osql.

    try this...

    osql -S SISPROD -d gSchool -E -Q "xSP_Attendance_Post_All_1Day '''0708'''"
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    You're right -- I would have to install client tools.
    The sql server error message I am seeing is coming from another place in the program being run by the .bat file.
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