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Thread: text box error

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    Unanswered: text box error

    I have a text box making a calculation, but until a value is entered into 2 different text boxes I get an "#Error" display. How can I hide the #Error until the values are entered?

    I have this function in the control source of the text box I am getting the error in:

    Round(DateDiff("n", #12:00:00 AM#, Format(TimeIn - 1 - TimeOut, "Short Time")) / 60,2)

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    IIF(IsDate(Me.OtherControlName),Round(DateDiff("n" , #12:00:00 AM#, Format(TimeIn - 1 - TimeOut, "Short Time")) / 60,2),"")
    ...using *your* OtherControlName of course.
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