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    Unanswered: SQL Server connection error in Vista

    Hi friends....

    Plz help me out in the problem mentioned below....

    Our server is Windows 2003...Sql server is SQL SERVER2000...I am trying to register this sql server from a local machine...It is showing the erroe

    "SQL server registration failed because of the connection failuredisplayed below.Do you wish to register anyway?
    SQL Server does not exist or access denied.
    ConnectionOpen (Connect()) "

    TCP/IP and Named Pipes are the enabled protocols in Both Server and Client network Utilities.

    Local machine configuration is

    OS- Windows vista Business...
    SQL- SQL Server 2000 client

    I am able to connect from other local machines which is having windows 2000 as OS.

    Also I am able to register from the windows vista machine to another sql server which is having Windows 2000 OS. connection problem is only happening when I am trying to connect to Windows 2003 server.

    Please help me as I am having urgency to resolve this.

    Thanks in Advance


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    Hi nobody id having solution for this??

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    The general steps for resolving this kind of problem are:

    1. Check the spelling of the server name (you'd be amazed how often this fixes the "problem" for my users).
    2. Verify that you can ping the server (no network connectivity, no SQL connectivity)
    3. Verify that you can connect to a different SQL Server from the affected machine (if the SQL stack won't connect to any server.... )
    4. Try to connect from OSQL.EXE insteas of a GUI tool, it gives much more informative error messages.

    If you don't have a working connection at this point, post the results from step 4 so that we can narrow down the search a bit.


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