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    Question Unanswered: Questions about CLOB...

    Dear All,
    I have some question about CLOB type in Oracle 10g.
    I have some CLOB field MY_CLOB CLOB which is binary data:
    Each chunk is double that my application "serialize" some array of doubles
    to binary data and then flushes all this stuff to CLOB.
    The number of "chunks" is about 1000+.

    Question #1:
    How it possible to read some double from chunk #n by utilizing only
    Oracle Server infrastructure? Is there some way at all to do it? Please advice.

    Question #2:
    Whether it's a good solution from design/performance/usability points of view
    to make some frequent mathematical operations on these chunks that are placed inside CLOB and then updating this CLOB by using only Oracle Server infrastructure? Usually we are using DB to store data. And data manipulation is more Application-side stuff. Please advice.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Why are you storing binary data in a CLOB?
    You should use a BLOB or your data will probably be messed up with whatever character encoding conversion Oracle thinks is necessary.

    To access BLOB data I suggest you read the manual regarding the APIs available for LOB access:

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