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    Question Unanswered: RecordSource and PivotCharts

    Hi all

    I did some seaches and the result was nothing...
    If i change the recourdsource by code the chart doesn´t keep the settings.
    My question is, does anyone know how to set a PivotChart by code?
    If not, can point me another direction?

    Ty in advance.

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    The problem with pivot charts is that the underlying Query Fields have to match that of the record. As soon as one if missing the Report does not work. If and only if, you a a defined scope: +180days + 120days etc you could try:

    Age180: IIf(Now()-[Client Sale Date]>180,[Balance],0)
    Age120: IIf(Now()-[Client Sale Date]>120,[Balance],0)

    The idea is that all fields are returned and if the field meets the criteria it will be populated otherwise Zero is displayed.


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    i understand that.

    I read about
    ChartSpace.SetData chDimCategories, chDataBound, "MyData"
    but i didnt get anything... so i think i go try your idea.

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